Sakarya University, Department of Political Science and Public Administration was founded in 1993 with the name of Public Administration and between the years of 1996-1997 started to take undergraduate students. The department, which gave its first graduated students in 1999-2000, started the post graduate program in 1994-1995 and also the PhD program in 1996-1997.
In 2012, the name of the department was changed as Department of Political Science and Public Administration with the approval of the Council of Higher Education. (YÖK)
 In recent years, as a parallel to distance education vision of the university, new undergraduate and graduate education programs which are based on distance education was opened in the department.  In the 2009-2010 education period, beside the daytime and evening education undergraduate program, first time it was started to the distance education program. In the 2010-2011 education period, Public Administration Distance Education Non-thesis Graduate Program and also in the 2011-2012 education period, Local Administration and Urban Planning Distance Education Non-thesis Graduate Program were opened.
Furthermore, within the Institute of Social Sciences, graduate and PhD programs in the field of Public Administration and graduate program in the Department of Political and Social Sciences have been applied. As well as this formal graduate education programs, Local Administration and Urban planning Non-thesis Graduate Programs have been applied in the form of Distance Education.